Jessica Lange Tootsie 1983

Jessica Lange as Julie Nichols in Tootsie
Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role 1983

Jessica Lange Tootsie 1983
Jessica Lange Tootsie 1983


Frances Farmer in Frances 1982

Oscar Nominated For Playing A Prostitute

Jessica Lange in Frances 1982
Jessica Lange in Frances 1982

Jessica found herself in the unique position of being nominated twice in the same year. One was for a dramatic role (“Frances”), and one was for a comedic part (“Tootsie”). She would win in the supporting category for the latter role. But in the Best Actress category, Lange would be nominated for playing a prostitute. The real-life Frances Farmer was a life plagued by drug and alcohol addiction. The medical profession didn’t know what to do with her. Frances was subjected to electroshock therapy, hydrotherapy, and extended mental hospital stays. Anyone would go off the deep end after enduring these series of abuses to the body. It was at yet another stay at yet another mental hospital that the staff would rape her. Soldiers would also prostitute Frances at a nearby base, which gets dramatized in the film.

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Jessica Lange would be Emmy Nominated for playing a hooker as well.

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