Celeste Holm Gentleman’s Agreement 1948

Celeste Holm as Anne Dettrey in Gentleman’s Agreement
Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role 1948

Celeste Holm Gentleman's Agreement 1948
Celeste Holm Gentleman’s Agreement 1948


Anna Christopherson in Anna Christie 1952

Character Is A Prostitute

Celeste Holm in Anna Christie 1952
Celeste Holm in Anna Christie 1952

Eugene O’Neill’s “Anna Christie” is about an ex-prostitute who finds true love. Celeste Holm starred in the title role of Anna Christopherson. This revival was performed on Broadway at the City Center in 1952. Celeste would tell the media that the part was “An old vehicle that doesn’t creak.” Strangely the revival ran for only eight performances. She would go from that role straight into being a temporary replacement for Gertrude Lawrence as Mrs. Anna in “The King and I,” which showed Celeste’s versatility to play two completely different roles.

Watch clip of the “Anna Christie” film version starring Greta Garbo as Anna

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