Geena Davis The Accidental Tourist 1989

Geena Davis as Muriel Pritchett in The Accidental Tourist
Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role 1989

Geena Davis The Accidental Tourist 1989
Geena Davis The Accidental Tourist 1989


Tamara Reshevsky aka Brenda in Secret Weapons 1985

Also Known as
Secrets of the Red Bedroom

Character Is A Spy Seductress (aka Honeypot)

Geena Davis in Secret Weapons 1985
Geena Davis in Secret Weapons 1985

I like the other title better (“Secrets of the Red Bedroom”), but I suppose “Secret Weapons” is the catchier title. It is quite a mystery why Geena would agree to do a role like this. After her success with “Tootsie” and “Buffalo Bill,” this part seems like a throwaway supporting role. Plus, Geena is a staunch feminist, as she has a foundation that brings more attention to the role of women in the media. But then again, the part was over 30 years ago. It was an NBC TV movie, and she had a deal with the network for a series. So you connect the dots. In this film, Genna plays a poor Russian recruited by the KGB to be a Spy Seductress. Her job is to seduce married high-level Government men – in effect, getting them into a compromising position. So these married American men can be blackmailed and pumped for intel that the Soviet government could use against the Americans.

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