Jodie Foster The Accused 1989

Jodie Foster as Sarah Tobias in The Accused
Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role 1989

Jodie Foster The Accused 1989
Jodie Foster The Accused 1989


Iris Steensma in Taxi Driver 1976

Oscar Nominated For Playing A Prostitute

Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver 1976
Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver 1976

Jodie has twice won the Best Actress Oscar, and twice she has played a hooker. With her first win, we will focus on her first prostitute role. Jodie plays Iris Steensma, the underage hooker in the film classic “Taxi Driver.” Robert DeNiro’s character attempts to persuade Iris to quit turning tricks and go back home to her parents to live a normal life.

Watch clip of the film “Taxi Driver”

Jodie has played more than one hooker role on film.

Go to Jodie Foster The Silence of the Lambs 1992 to read her other prostitute role.

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