Kate Winslet The Reader 2009

Kate Winslet as Hanna Schmitz in The Reader
Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role 2009

Kate Winslet The Reader 2009
Kate Winslet The Reader 2009


Tula in Romance & Cigarettes 2005

Character Is A Prostitute

Kate Winslet in Romance & Cigarettes 2005
Kate Winslet in Romance & Cigarettes 2005

“Romance and Cigarettes” is an ensemble comedy exploring New York City’s blue-collar life. Kate Winslet plays Tula, a lingerie saleswoman by day and a prostitute by night. The character has a foul mouth with a thick South Yorkshire accent. Tula even sings underwater!

This film was written and directed by John Turturro, and he says of the casting of Kate Winslet as Tula:

“But I unleashed this other side of her. We connected. She wanted to play Tula as American. But I said no. When I grew up, the people next door were English. I told her it was important she came from a poor town. Kate knew these girls from Sheffield, so that’s where the accent originated. I also knew Kate could play a character like that, make her human. She’s a fearless performer, and she’s moving.”

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