Linda Hunt The Year of Living Dangerously 1984

Linda Hunt as Billy Kwan in The Year of Living Dangerously
Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role 1984

Linda Hunt The Year of Living Dangerously 1984
Linda Hunt The Year of Living Dangerously 1984

Plays Character That Is Related To The Sex Trade Industry

Stella in Silverado 1985

Character Is A Saloon Madam

Linda Hunt in Silverado 1985
Linda Hunt in Silverado 1985

In this very small role Linda Hunt played Stella in Silverado. She is the proprietor and madam of a Saloon. Back in the Wild West days anyone involved in the sale and distribution of booze employed the services of Saloon Girls. Some breweries even forced some saloons to hire these type of women. These ladies had one main duty. To brighten the evenings of lonely men and keep them drinking. These Saloon Girls worked on commission. The more drinks the men bought, the more money these women collected. In Silverado Amanda Wyss plays Phoebe, one of the Saloon Girls working for Linda Hunt’s character.

In some saloons these women also worked as prostitutes. The owners of these saloons would get a kickback when a prostitute would get a customer in bed. For those owners their profits came not from the sale of liquor. But the sexual activities that happened in the upstairs or back rooms of the saloon.

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