Liza Minnelli Cabaret 1973

Liza Minnelli as Sally Bowles in Cabaret
Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role 1973

Liza Minnelli Cabaret 1973
Liza Minnelli Cabaret 1973


Della Roberts in Rent-A-Cop 1987

Sloppy Jo in Sam Found Out: A Triple Play 1988

Both Characters Are Prostitutes

Liza Minelli in Rent-A-Cop 1987 & Sam Found Out 1988
Liza Minelli in Rent-A-Cop 1987 & Sam Found Out 1988

In the late 80s, Liza played two hooker characters back to back. In 1987 Liza played a hooker who witnessed a murder. It’s a film plot moviegoers have seen countless times. Burt Reynolds plays a former cop turned private eye. Liza hires Burt to protect her as the killer wants to silence her permanently. Despite the star power of the two leads (the L.A. Times would write “B Picture With Two A Stars”), this film received brutal reviews from the critics. The New York Times would write that Minnelli deserves better than this vehicle. Because of the humungous pan this film took, it also flopped at the box office.

Watch clip of the film “Rent-A-Cop”

Liza would follow her prostitute role on film by playing another prostitute on television. “Sam Found Out” was a television special starring Liza playing three characters in three stories. All use the same catchphrase, “Sam Found Out.” In the first segment, written by Landford Wilson, Liza plays a junkie prostitute just out of rehab. She confronts her pimp (played by Ryan O’Neal) with the opening line, “Sam found out.”

Watch The 15 Minutes Short Film “Sam Found Out”

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