Tatum O’Neal Paper Moon 1974

Tatum O’Neal as Addie in Paper Moon
Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role 1974

Tatum O'Neal Paper Moon 1974
Tatum O’Neal Paper Moon 1974


Scarlet in Certain Fury 1985

Character Is A Prostitute

Tatum O'Neal in Certain Fury 1985
Tatum O’Neal in Certain Fury 1985

Tatum O’Neal still holds the record as the youngest Oscar winner ever. She was 10 when she won the Academy Award for “Paper Moon.” She would go from that role to playing a prostitute 11 years later. In the film “Certain Fury,” she was teamed up with Irene Cara. The posters advertised this film as starring “Two Academy Award Winners!” Irene Cara won for co-writing the song “Flashdance, What a Feeling.” Tatum plays a hooker, while Irene Cara is a petty criminal. While waiting to be processed at the courthouse, a shooting takes place. Both ladies take advantage of the confusion and make a break for it. They go on the run and try to stay ahead of the cops.

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