Bette Davis Jezebel 1939

Bette Davis as Julie Marsden in Jezebel
Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role 1939

Bette Davis Jezebel 1939
Bette Davis Jezebel 1939


Mary Dwight Strauber in Marked Woman 1937

Character Is A Prostitute

Bette Davis in Marked Woman 1937
Bette Davis in Marked Woman 1937

Bette is not only a two-time Best Actress Oscar winner; she has also played a prostitute twice on film. Her second hooker role was in a movie loosely based on the real-life experiences of Manhattan DA Thomas E. Dewey. He is most famous for convicting crime boss Lucky Luciano. It took convincing several of Luciano’s ‘girls’ to testify against their former boss. That is the role Bette plays. She is a nightclub hostess, aka a prostitute, who is convinced by the feds to testify against her crime boss. But she soon finds herself a “Marked Woman,” as the title suggests.

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Bette has played more than one hooker role on film.

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