Shirley Booth Come Back, Little Sheba 1953

Shirley Booth as Lola Delaney in Come Back, Little Sheba
Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role 1953

Shirley Booth Come Back, Little Sheba 1953
Shirley Booth Come Back, Little Sheba 1953

Plays Character That Is Related To The Sex Trade Industry

Annie Duval in Coastwise 1931

Character Is A Prostitute

Shirley Booth in Coastwise Annie 1931
Shirley Booth In Ad For Coastwise Annie 1931

In the Broadway play “Coastwise,” Shirley plays a hooker with a heart of gold. Where have we heard that one before? One day she encounters a homeless man from England. She takes him in and gets him all cleaned up. Once rehabilitated, the English man asks Annie to go with him to England. She declines, knowing she will never fit into upper English society. Guess the character of Annie never read “Pygmalion” by Bernard Shaw. No footage of this play exists online.

Shirley Booth in 1931
Shirley Booth in 1931

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