Wendy Hiller Separate Tables 1959

Wendy Hiller as Pat Cooper in Separate Tables
Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role 1959

Wendy Hiller Separate Tables 1959
Wendy Hiller Separate Tables 1959


Sally Hardcastle in Love on the Dole 1934

Character Prostitutes Herself To Support Her Family

Wendy Hiller in Love on the Dole 1936
Wendy Hiller in Love on the Dole 1936

Like Lilly Dollar in Warlock, this character’s surname is quite au repos with one’s profession. Wendy Hiller plays Sally Hardcastle, and her family is hard up for employment. The play deals with the struggles of poverty in the 1930s. To survive these challenging times, Sally agrees to become the mistress of a gambler. Her family will remain employed if she continues sleeping with this man. Thus putting a roof over her family’s head and food on the table. The play “Love on the Dole” made Wendy Hiller a star in her native London. You can watch the film version of “Love on the Dole” below, with Deborah Kerr as Sally Hardcastle.

Interesting footnote. Wendy and Deborah Kerr and would star in the film “Separate Tables,” and both would be Oscar-nominated for their parts. Hiller would win her Oscar, but Kerr would lose her bid to Joanne Woodward.

Watch clip from the film version with Deborah Kerr in the part of Sally Hardcastle.

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