Vanessa Redgrave Julia 1978

Vanessa Redgrave as Julia in Julia
Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role 1978

Vanessa Redgrave Julia 1978
Vanessa Redgrave Julia 1978

Plays Character That Is Related To The Sex Trade Industry

Lola Deveraux in The Seven-Per-Cent Solution 1976

Character Involved In White Slavery Ring

Vanessa Redgrave in The Seven-Per-Cent Solution 1976
Vanessa Redgrave in The Seven-Per-Cent Solution 1976

The Seven-Per-Cent Solution is a fictionalized story featuring the characters of Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson and Sigmund Freud. Sherlock Holmes finds himself out of his mind on cocaine. Dr. Watson refers him to Freud for treatment. Soon afterwards Sherlock Holmes is on holidays when he runs into Lola Deveraux, a former courtesan (aka prostitute).

Sherlock Holmes had previously rescued Lola from a white slavery ring. But soon Lola is kidnapped, and Sherlock Holmes must solve the mystery as to who snatched her.

Honorable mention: Vanessa also played the role of Marguerite Gautier in the play The Lady of the Camellias. See Vivien Leigh in A Streetcar Named Desire for more information on this play.

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