Diane Keaton Annie Hall 1978

Diane Keaton as Annie Hall in Annie Hall
Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role 1978

Diane Keaton Annie Hall 1978
Diane Keaton Annie Hall 1978


Theresa Dunn in Looking For Mr. Goodbar 1977

Character Receives Payment For Sexual Services

Diane Keaton in Looking For Mr. Goodbar 1977
Diane Keaton in Looking For Mr. Goodbar 1977

This film was an adaptation of a novel of the same name – the book fictionalizing the real-life murder of New York City schoolteacher Roseann Quinn. Here Diane Keaton plays Theresa Dunn. During the day, she is a compassionate teacher of deaf children. But when night falls, she is an intense party player – searching the bars for her nightly hook-up. Her apartment becomes a revolving door for men. So much so, that some men start to leave money on her bedside table. Convinced she is a prostitute. When Theresa sees the money, she can’t help but laugh as she previously had fantasies about being a hooker. Sadly at the end of the movie, she pays the ultimate price with her final anonymous hook-up.

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