Allison Janney I, Tonya 2018

Allison Janney as LaVona Golden in I, Tonya
Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role 2018

Allison Janney I, Tonya 2018
Allison Janney I, Tonya 2018


Dot Halford in The Ice Storm 1997

Character Hosts “Swinger” Parties

Allison Janney in The Ice Storm 1997
Allison Janney in The Ice Storm 1997

Back in the 1970s, married couples would participate in what was called a “Key Party.” Allison’s character (Dot Halford) hosts these parties where married couples swap sexual partners by having wives select other husbands’ keys from a bowl.

This film is an adaptation from a novel of the same name, written by Rick Moody. An excerpt from the book below:

Well, Dot said slurring faintly, teetering on her pumps. Well, we have a little business to attend to now. So if you’re going to stay, let’s please gather in the living room now.

And she led the way.

The key party lacked a comprehensive system of manners. There were things still to be negotiated. No one knew quite what to do, how to follow. Most of those who had no intention of playing had already left.

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