Patty Duke The Miracle Worker 1963

Patty Duke as Helen Keller in The Miracle Worker
Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role 1963

Patty Duke The Miracle Worker 1963
Patty Duke The Miracle Worker 1963


Lula in Dutchman 1969

Character Is A Prostitute

Patty Duke in Dutchman 1969
Patty Duke with Cleavon Little in Dutchman 1969

Patty Duke played Lula in the two-character play “Dutchman.” She starred opposite Cleavon Little at the Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park in 1969 for a limited run. The setting of this play takes place in a subway car. A middle-class professional black man gets approached by a white woman who is a prostitute. They engage in a war of words while riding the subway towards their destination. Al Freeman Jr., Duke’s co-star in the NBC TV Movie “My Sweet Charlie” directed the play.

Watch clip of the film version of “Dutchman” with Shirley Knight in the role of Lula.

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