Rita Moreno West Side Story 1962

Rita Moreno as Anita del Carmen in West Side Story
Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role 1962

Rita Moreno West Side Story 1962
Rita Moreno West Side Story 1962


Dolores Gonzales in Marlowe 1969

Louise in Carnal Knowledge 1971

Rita Capkovic in The Rockford Files 1978 – 1979
Wins Emmy Award For Playing A Prostitute

First Character Is A Stripper. The Other Two Characters Are Prostitutes

Rita Moreno in Marlowe 1969, Carnal Knowledge 1971 and The Rockford Files 1978 - 1979
Rita Moreno in Marlowe 1969, Carnal Knowledge 1971 and The Rockford Files 1978 – 1979

Rita Moreno is one of the few Oscar winners to play a hooker, both on the big and small screen. It is to her credit and tenacity that she took minor roles and made them into gems.

In “Marlowe,” Rita plays showgirl/stripper Dolores Gonzales who helps P.I. Philip Marlowe (James Garner) find a missing person. This movie is infamous because of Rita’s provocative strip-tease routine she does at the end of the film.

Watch clip of the film “Marlowe”

In “Carnal Knowledge,” Jack Nicholson’s character seeks out a prostitute to perform a particular sex act. Rita plays that hooker in this tiny part. This role is so small that she doesn’t even receive billing in the movie trailer. And she is an OSCAR winner!

Watch few quick clips of her infamous scene from the trailer of the film “Carnal Knowledge”

A more substantial role was the part of Rita Capkovic in “The Rockford Files.” Moreno reunites with her “Marlowe” co-star James Garner. It was a recurring role, as she appeared once every three seasons. This character coincided with the sexual revolution, as Rita (the character) was unapologetic about her chosen profession. Saying, “I do what I do. I’m not going to apologize; I’m not going to explain.” She would win an Emmy Award for playing this prostitute role.

Watch this clip from “The Rockford Files” For her efforts in this episode
Rita Moreno would win an Emmy for her performance as a hooker

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