Susan Hayward I Want to Live 1959

Susan Hayward as Barbara Graham in I Want to Live!
Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role 1959

Susan Hayward I Want to Live 1959
Susan Hayward I Want to Live 1959

Wins Oscar For Playing A Prostitute

Plays Two Other Characters That Are Related To The Sex Trade Industry

June Goffe in Deadline at Dawn 1946

Ada Gillis in Ada 1961

Two Characters Are Prostitutes. One Character Is A Taxi Dancer

Susan Hayward in Deadline at Dawn 1946, I Want to Live 1959 and Ada 1961
Susan Hayward in Deadline at Dawn 1946, I Want to Live 1959 and Ada 1961

Deadline at Dawn is one of those noir films that has been forgotten. If it wasn’t for the fact that Susan Hayward was the female lead in Deadline at Dawn, this film noir would be completely forgotten. Which would be a shame because it is a gem. Hayward plays a taxi dancer (dancer for men to hire). She meets up with a sailor who is on leave. A series of events cause her to help him return a large amount of money before dawn, hence the title.

Watch clip of the film “Deadline at Dawn”

Susan Hayward had won an Oscar for playing the real life prostitute Barbara Graham. Nicknamed Bloody Babs by the press, Barbara was sentenced to death for the murder of Mabel Monohan.

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Two years after her Oscar win Susan played another hooker role; the title character in the movie Ada. Based on the book Ada Dallas by Wirt Williams. Her character starts out as a hooker who later marries a politician. Soon afterwards she winds up becoming the acting Governor of the state! Despite the character being a hooker, this is a great part. So you can see why Susan wanted to play the part.

Watch a clip from the film “Ada”

To read more about this prostitute role & other Oscar actresses playing a hooker pick up

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