Helen Mirren The Queen 2007

Helen Mirren as Queen Elizabeth II in The Queen
Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role 2007

Helen Mirren The Queen 2007
Helen Mirren The Queen 2007

Played Two Characters That Are Related To The Sex Trade Industry

Beaty Simons in Hussy 1980

Grace Bontempo in Love Ranch 2010

Both Characters Are Prostitutes

Helen Mirren in Hussy 1980 and Love Ranch 2010
Helen Mirren in Hussy 1980 and Love Ranch 2010

Helen pulls a double threat playing both a prostitute and madam in two different films. In “Hussy,” she plays Beaty, a hooker who begins a relationship with a working-class guy. Roadblocks in their lives prevent them from living happily ever after.

Watch clip of the film “Hussy”

Thirty years later, her husband, Taylor Hackford, would direct her in the film “Love Ranch.” In this movie, Helen Mirren plays the real-life Grace Bontempo, who opened up the first legal brothel in Nevada.

Watch trailer of the film “Love Ranch”

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